Supporting the homeless sleep-out

Date: 10pm on the night of Friday 26 February 2015 until 6.30am on Sat morning

Where: St Philips and St Jacob Church at Tower Hill, Bristol BS2 0ET

This year Rev Richard McKay (Chairman of Borderlands) along with Borderlands staff and volunteers will be participating the sponsored Sleep Out in the ground of Pip ‘n’ Jay Church in Bristol. They will be raising funds for our Destitution Fund through which Borderlands offers small sums of financial help to asylum seekers and refugees who have the most need.

We are doing this to raise funds, but also to demonstrate our indignation against the plight of the homeless. We want to raise awareness of the homeless people in Bristol and of all the work being done by the organisations who help them.

At Borderlands we see first-hand the consequences of ‘sleeping rough’ when we see our members arrive looking tired and washed out because they have spent the entire night outdoors. Sometimes sleeping outside is the only option left to them and they are extremely vulnerable to being robbed or attacked and in these very cold and wet conditions, the situation is hugely worsened. We feel it is important to identify our charity with this important work that helps the people most in need in our city and to ensure that homelessness is recognised as an unjust treatment of poor and vulnerable people.

Please sponsor Rev Richard McKay (Chairman) of Borderlands to participate in the ‘Sleep Out’ and raise funds for Borderlands Destitution Fund supporting homeless asylum seekers and refugees.

Sponsorship form (pdf)