Borderlands Rise Art Exhibition – report

From the 3rd to the 8th of March 2017, Borderlands presented the Rise Exhibition in Hamilton House, creating an opportunity for refugees and asylum seekers to take part in creative workshops and exhibit their photography and artwork.

These were supported by a series of portraits and sound recordings by artist Hannah Kirmes-Daly and radio DJ Jazlyn Pinckney, allowing visitors to learn more about the daily lived experience of refugees and asylum seekers in Bristol and the importance of Borderlands Mentoring Project from those involved in the project.

The exhibition and programme of events was an empowering experience, providing a platform for members of Borderlands to be seen and heard through their art and music as well as celebrate what asylum seekers and refugees have to bring to Bristol.

Read more about the exhibition and the project (pdf)

The Exhibition was part of Borderlands Mentoring Programme and celebrated the life changing work of the partnering project which has been running since April 2016.