Immigration Act 2016 Training

Along with all the help given to refugees and asylum seekers, Borderlands participates in different trainings focusing on how to better support people seeking sanctuary in the UK. These courses give opportunity to meet with other charities as well to exchange information on how any change in the law is likely to impact refugees and asylum seekers.

The recent changes in the immigration act was the subject of a session this month delivered by Deb from the Asylum Support Appeals Project (ASAP). The training covered a range of sections from what changed and what didn’t. The training gave the opportunity to the participants to have a better picture and understanding of what to expect as repercussions on asylum seekers, if the changes are to be implemented. The participation of Borderlands in this specific training resulted in being able to think of what to anticipate on how to assist refugees and asylum seekers yet to be left destitute and in hardship. Some scenarios were presented to the different participants and it was hard to not be alarmed.

As we are a charity which calls for inclusiveness and giving a little help to those in hard times, the different changes that might be implemented will inevitably make more people destitute and vulnerable. However the information gained made Borderlands and other charities aware of the importance of such training.

Written by one of our volunteers. The new immigration act paints a pretty bleak picture for asylum seekers all around the UK, and we are very grateful to the British Red Cross, who wrote the training, and Deb from ASAP (part of Bristol Refugee Rights) for making it available to our volunteers (there were 13 of us there!).